Pause for thought

What is holding you back?

The other day I came across a family who was using a child harness. They’re not very common these days and some even believe they are cruel, citing the fact that the child looks like it is an animal on a leash. Parents who use them say that they are the only way to stop their children from doing something dangerous such as running out onto the road or out of sight. I am not going to get into the debate about whether they are nice or nasty, but the thought of the arguments for and against child harnesses did make me think about the means by which people restrain themselves.

People give many reasons why they aren’t doing what they want to do in their career or in their private life. Sometimes this is based on distressing experiences from the past. Sometimes these are more to do with what they perceive as societal or situational forces (“I’m too old/ young/ tall/ short etc”). Sometimes people think that they will not be able to cope with the loss of something they value in their present life (“I would leave this terrible job if I could but the money is too good”).

What holds you back from moving forward or achieving what you want?

Think about what you believe holds you back from moving forward or achieving what you want. What makes up your harness and who or what is hanging onto it? A demanding job? Emotional issues you can’t let go of? A voice from your past that won’t give you the confidence to try? Fear of failure?

If you know something is holding you back, I encourage you to think about therapy. A clinical psychologist can assist you to understand what holds you back and then assist you to move forward.

If you believe that placing a harness on a child or an animal is cruel, how cruel is it to put one on yourself?