Workplace Issues

Are stress or workplace issues affecting your private life?
Do you find it difficult to let go of work events or personalities when you come home?
Is workplace stress beginning to reduce the quality of your private life, i.e. your weekends, your relationship with friends and/or partner?
Do you get the feeling that you are beginning to bore or frustrate your friends because you often talk about problems at work?

Most people’s workdays are filled with small successes and failures as they perform their daily responsibilities. An ongoing sense of failure or problems with co-workers may affect your confidence in the workplace and in your private life.

Most people’s workdays are filled with small successes and failures.

As a clinical psychologist with 10 years of national and international experience in Human Resources and Workplace Training, I believe it is important to be prompt in dealing with workplace problems and/or your responses to them. This will help you to cope better now before the situation escalates.

I have also supplied Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to a number of organisations, the type of assistance depending on the employers’ and employees’ needs.