Anxiety & Fear

Do fears or shyness limit the amount you can do in your life?
Do you worry constantly, making minor things into major issues?
Are you too scared to offer your opinion, or always fearful of what others are thinking about you?

While a certain amount of worry and fear is considered normal, some people experience a consistently high level of fear that interferes with their enjoyment of life.

Clinical psychologists have proven methods of treating fears, anxieties and phobias.

Anxiety is a term for excessive worry that is greater than the situation demands. Many people are affected by anxiety and it appears that the number is growing. It is also common for people to develop ways of coping with their fears that can inadvertently support or increase them.

The good news is that clinical psychologists have proven methods of treating fears, anxieties and phobias.

Treatment involves education about anxiety and giving you skills that will enable you to make your behaviors and thoughts more helpful. Treatment may take between 5 and 16 sessions, depending on how strong the fears are, and how much they impact on your life.

Anxiety issues can include:
Social anxiety

– fears about social situations so you avoid them or are very shy


– excessive fears of heights, public speaking, elevators, weather, etc.

Panic disorder

– feeling as if you are in danger or can’t breathe but not knowing why

Health fears

– excessive concerns about your or your loved one’s health.

Obsessions or compulsions

– thoughts or fears you can’t control that lead to repetitive behaviours (e.g. repeatedly cleaning or checking security)