Do events from your past or grief continue to seriously affect your sense of control over your life?
Do you feel like you should have gotten over an event but you don't seem to be able to get on with things?

The experience of grief is often similar to depression – you may feel sad, can’t sleep, or eat too little or too much. There is no ‘normal’ period for grief or loss; however, there are some signs that might indicate that you would benefit from some psychological support.

There is no ‘normal’ time- table for grief or loss.

If you are troubled by your reaction to a difficult event in your life, regardless how recent it was, then it is a good idea to talk to someone qualified and experienced, who can assist you. A clinical psychologist can offer you some support during this difficult period, particularly if your reactions are significantly affecting your day to day life, your work or your relationships with others.

Signs you need to seek some help:
If you are experiencing the following more than 2 months after the event:
Continuing to experience guilt about what happened
Wishing you had lost your life
Feeling worthless
Not coping with normal life
Feeling like you are in a dream