Life Coaching

Are you aware that you have to make some changes to your life but lack the motivation?
Are you attempting to study, complete assignments, or adhere to deadlines, but are unable to get it together?

Do you need a life coach? Life coaching is all about someone supporting you and assisting you to achieve your goals. A clinical psychologist can help by determining if there are any personal issues (such as depression or anxiety) or events from your past that may be holding you back from being the ‘best you’.

A clinical psychologist can determine any issues that may be holding you back.

Often you may need only one or two sessions to get your life on track or to enable you to move on effectively.

Motivation issues include:
Difficulty with getting on with work or study
Time management problems
Difficulty completing major pieces of work
Stopping procrastination at work or in study
Determining goals
Problems starting or finishing a thesis