Relationship Issues

Are former or current relationships negatively affecting your life?
Have you lost trust or faith in someone close?
Are you fearful of relationships after difficult past ones?
Have you lost the ability to communicate effectively, or relate affectionately with significant others?

Relationships can be a source of great strength but it is easy to get stuck in relationship ruts. Couples counselling allows a therapist to look at all the factors and issues that might cause problems in your relationship so that you can make changes for the better.

It is easy to get stuck in relationship ruts.

It is best for both members of a relationship to attend couples counselling. If one member of a couple is unwilling to attend therapy, it is still possible to assist the other member to make positive changes.

Relationship counselling is not only about intimate relationships. If you have unresolved issues or concerns about a relationship with a friend or family member, psychological therapy can assist you to talk through the situation and determine the best method to resolve the situation